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If you’ve ever heard Shane Stiel spin, you’re immediately convinced this guy was born to perform. From the all-night rave events of the Rocky Mountains in his early years to the high-energy club events of the West Coast, this DJ turned Navy veteran turned DJ is making one indelible impression on the electronic dance music scene and shows no signs of slowing down. A Colorado native whose musical roots were fueled by hip-hop, 80s, rock and EDM, Shane found inspiration in artists like Above & Beyond, Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Seb Fontaine, Judge Jules, and many others. In the late 90’s, his DJ career kicked-off when he scored his first gig with during one of their popular festival events. One night was enough to convince not only the crowd, but also festival promoters, that he was ready for more and shortly after he became the company’s top resident. After leaving ColoradoRave, he continued to work closely with friend and party promoter Ryan Dykstra. Dykstra’s successful long-running night at Club Pure gave Shane a chance to meet and befriend several well-known DJ/producers like Kimball Collins, George Acosta, Guy Ornadel and Jon Bishop. Years of hard work and determination later, Shane landed some well-deserved time alongside several major global headliners. His big break came in 1999 when he played alongside George Acosta, officially solidifying his name in the Denver nightlife scene. 

Shane quickly became a regular fixture in the DJ booths at Denver nightclub’s Traxx 2000 and Club Matrixx, earning praise and respect as one of Colorado’s top DJs. Big names like Tiesto, The Crystal Method, Deep Dish and Digital Assassins were taking note, which helped him secure coveted opening spots, working with them at events. At the height of his DJ career, the events of 9/11 struck a personal cord in Shane and, in early 2003, he took a break from music to join the Navy. The military eventually brought him to San Diego and, after relocating; he immersed himself in the local nightlife culture. This was all the inspiration he needed to get back to doing what he loves the most. A decade later, Shane has risen through the ranks to become not just an international DJ, having headlined major events in the US, Canada and Australia, he’s become a brand. In 2012, he launched HAUS of STIEL a hybrid DJ/production/promotion/record label Company fusing his signature sound & style with a visual performance element that his throngs of fans – known as HAUS HEADZ – have adopted as a “persona” of sorts when attending his events. Shane continues his DJ domination headlining signature clubs and events all over the world.

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